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New Risc OS Software - January 8th, 2006
32-bit RDPClient 0.79 (RISC OS client for servers running the Remote Desktop Protocol - Andrew Sellors)
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Acorn Archimedes Emulators - How do I transfer ROMs?
VirtualRPC AdjustSA (turns your PC into an accurate model of an Acorn RISC PC computer - Virtual Acorn)
Almost any software that runs on a real Acorn RISC PC will run on VirtualRPC AdjustSA.
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FastFli 2.11 (play FLI and FLC movies - written by Peter Teichmann)
FLIComp 0.01 (creates FLI animations out of 256 colour sprites - written by Peter Teichmann)
InterGIF 6.15 (create animated GIF's - written by Peter Hartley)
MPEG2 1.06 (play MPEG/MPEG2 movies - written by Peter Teichmann)
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32-bit Calendar 1.04 (calender application - David Pilling)
32-bit Fade 0.70 (create, edit and display a simple slideshow - The Really Small Software Company)
32-bit Organiser 1.57 (organise your life - written by Chris Morison)
32-bit Ovation Pro 2.76 (DTP - David Pilling)
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32-bit ArcFS 0.75 (ArcFS decompression - VTI)
DtLHARC 0.15 (read/write .LZH files - written by N. Roberts)
PackDir 2.20 (Archiving directories - written by John Kortink)
32-bit SparkFS 1.41b (the first archive/file compression program for the Archimedes - David Pilling)
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Bits 1.05 (easier bit selection - written by Philip Mellor)
GNU awk 3.0.3, GNU grep 2.2, GNU sed 2.05 (well known Unix commandline utilities - John Kortink)
Info 1.1a (shows the vdu, mode & system variables - written by L. Smiers)
ModInfo 0.30 (get information on modules - written by David McCormack)
Vim 5.8.9 (text editor based on VI - Risc OS port by many)
WinED 2.87 (template editor - written by Tony Houghton)
Zap 1.45 (fast text/memory editor - Dominic Systems)
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Cabriolet 2.50 (dynamic geometry - Warm Silence Software)
EarthMap 1.20 (electronic globe - written by John Kortink)
32-bit Enigma Simulator 1.40 (mechanical encryptions device - Paul Reuvers)
Enigma is a mechanical encryptions device that was used by the Germans during WWII.
PICsuite (designing PIC based systems - written by R. P. Sprowson)
32-bit RasMol 1.40b (a molecular visualisation tool - MW Software)
32-bit RiscPCB 0.47 (printed circuit board design - written by Terry Swanborough)
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Abuse 2.00/0.05a (great arcade game - Risc OS port by Lee Noar)
ArcQuake V1.07/1.01 (3D arcade - Risc OS port by Peter Teichmann)

Download some Quake Custom Levels.
Deth 1.00 (an editor for Doom I & Doom II wads - port by Lee Noar)
32-bit PlayKISS 5.05 (KISS paper doll viewer - written by N. Roberts)
Pushy II 2.12 (puzzle game - written by R. Williams)
QuakeFS V0.10 (modify and browse the contents of Quake PACK files - written by Chris Rutter)
The Chaos Engine (arcade - Visions of The Impossible)
ScummVM 0.50 (interprets LucasArts SCUMM based Adventures - Ludvig Strigeus and others)
Super Foul Egg (tetris style game - Visions of the Impossible)
The Iron Dignity demo (demo - written by Frank Föhl)
Zip 2000 1.41 (standard interprenter for Z-code (Infocom) games - written by Kevin Barcey)

Full support for Version 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 games. Graphics, Colour, Timed-input, Sound, Mouse & Menu support.
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ArtToSpr 2.21 (converts Artworks & Draw vector images to sprites - written by Tony Houghton)
32-bit ArtWorks 2.8 (advanced vector graphics package - MW Software)
Batch EPS (batch export of native ArtWorks files to their EPS equivalent - Cerilica)
DiaSchau 0.97a (slideshow - written by Bernd Neumann)
EasyView 1.25 (view jpeg, sprite and draw files - written by Thomas Olsson)
32-bit KISSTools 1.00 (KISS doll creation tools - written by Nick Roberts)
32-bit MakeKISS 3.05 (KISS doll creation tool - written by N. Roberts)
Megumi 2.00 (image viewer - written by Dirk Krumbholz)
32-bit NoPaint 1.05 (Sprites files organiser - written by Timmermans André)
32-bit OHP_Show 2.51 (OHP slide show viewer - written by Tony Still)
32-bit Photodesk 3.08 (bitmap - Photodesk Ltd.)
PhotoFiler 1.00 (picture thumbnailing utility - Sliced Software)
32-bit ProCAD+ (CAD - written by David Snell)
RiScript 5.04 (premier PostScript® and PDF commercial interpreter - Cerilica Ltd.)
Texture Garden 1.14 (texture generation - written by Tim Tyler)
32-bit Thump 1.48 (thumbnail browser - Rick Hudson)
Translator 8.30 (image processing - written by John Kortink)

Can now perform batch processing!
32-bit Vantage 1.10 (design & publishing package - Cerilica Ltd.)
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Attacher 1.04 (handles mail attachments - written by John Allen)
Flash 0.410.1.1 (plugin for WWW browsers that enables you to view Flash files - written by Leo Smiers)
32-bit FTPc 1.44 (internet ftp client - written by Colin Granville)
HTML3 3.55 (even easier HTML markup - written by Richard Goodwin)
HTMLScan 1.20 (check HTML files - written by Tim Tyler)
iChat 0.69 (IRC client - written by Tom Lawton)
Imagemap 2.44 (create image maps for the WWW - written by David McCormack)
Junkmail2 2.34 (automates the generation of complaints about a-mail spam - written by Mike Williams)
Messenger Pro 5 (Email & news client - R-Comp)
32-bit PDF (Adobe(R) portable document reader - Colin Granville)
32-bit Pluto 3.03h (an alternative News/Mail Reader/Archiver - written by Jon Duddington)
PsiFS 1.60 (transfer files between RiscOS and EPOC16/EPOC32 - written by Alexander Thoukydides)
SiteWriter 1.2 (web site authoring tool - DanSoft)
SVG 1.06 (view .svg files which will soon become common across the internet - Warm Silence Software)
!txt2pdf (frontend for the perl-script "txt2pdf" by SANFACE-software - written by J.-E. 'LEO' Burkert)

The script produces PDF-files (Adobe Acrobat) from plain text.
UnHTML 1.25 (strips HTML codes - written by Mike Williams)
WebGet 0.18 (a recursive web fetcher - written by Joseph Henan)
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Mixed Nuts
AntiWord 0.37 (Microsoft Word reader - written by Adri van OS)
Delirium 2.40 (screen saver - Kulture)
DeskPass 0.01 (password protect the RiscOS desktop when you leave it - written by David McCormack)
ExMac 1.6 (reads, write & format Apple Macintosh discs - The Event Horizon)
ExtraBar 1.26 (add extras to the desktop - written by David McCormack)
FCFS Filer 1.10 (filecore image filing system - written by S. Monesi & N. Craig-Wood)
FileFind 1.28 (utility for finding files - ID-Software)
ImageFree 1.03 (display used and free space in partions and other image files - Sliced Software)
32-bit SyncDiscs 1.03 (synchronise directories - written by David Pilling)
32-bit VDesk 2.50 (have an extra screen lying around - Acorn SymbioSyS)
VOTI Bin V1.00 (sophisticated desktop trashcan - VOTI)
XEarth 0.10 (displays a constantly changing picture of the Earth - written by Matthew Bloch)
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65Link 2.40 (use Risc PC HD on a BBC - written by John Kortink)
32-bit RDPClient 0.79 (RISC OS client for servers running the Remote Desktop Protocol - Andrew Sellors)
VNCViewer 0.09 (a VNC viewer - written by Leo White)
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32-bit Amp 2.02 (general purpose music player - Acorn SymbioSyS)
CDPlay 1.17 (filer like CD player - written by Leo White)
CDprofile 0.08 (play audio CDs - written by Malcolm R. Knight)
32-bit DigitalCD 2.56 (desktop music player - written by Andre Timmermans)
Monolith 2.22 (background MIDI file player for desktop or games - written by R J K Smith)
32-bit AMPlayer 1.39 (a module for playing Audio MPEG files - written by many)

It currently supports MPEG 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5, layers I, II & III. Now with different skins.
Download Protrackers (MOD)! Check out United Trackers.
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CDBlaze 1.12 (CD mastering system - Cumana)
DJCtrl 1.58 (the control panel for PC's that you get with HP Deskjets - written by Acorn SymbioSyS)
IconizBar 0.18 (window iconizer - Tabsoft)
LongFiles 3.00 (adds longer filenames to filing systems - written by Jason Tribbeck)
Window Themes (change the desktop - written by Ricard Goodwin)
The Xperience Design Iconset (improve the visual appearance of desktop - Xperience Media Arts)

Updated March 7th, 1998.
VProtect 4.03 (6th November 2002 - virus protection - Pinapple Software)
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Atlanta 2.57 (easier management of fonts with WYSIWYG - written by David McCormack)
CharMap 1.02 (the replace Acorn !Chars - written by David McCormack)
Dr Fonty 1.41 Demo (an enthusiast version of FontFiend - APDL)
FontFiend 8 2.10 Demo (complete font editor & designer - APDL)
32-bit XChars 1.24 (an advanced character picker - MW Software)