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Aleph One Ltd.
Developers of PC Cards & support software for the PC Cards

PowerZip - parallel port Zip driver

Ant Ltd.
ANT develops world-leading embedded browser and e-mail software for consumer electronics and Internet devices.

ARM Ltd.
ARM designs microprocessor technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from mobile phones and digital cameras to games consoles and automotive systems.

Formerly known as Argo Internet Services, has recently been spun off from Argo Interactive Group plc. Managing Director Matt Gray heads a new management team committed to delivering high quality Internet services such as Internet connectivity, server hosting and web design.

Atomwide Ltd.

Clares Micro Supplies
32X CD-ROM for Risc OS, Virtualise - virtual memory

Computer Concepts Ltd.
Impression Publisher - desktop publishing, ArtWorks - art program etc.

Risc OS driver for SparQ 1GB!

Dalriad Software
WebSpider - web site editor, TableMate - table making program

Dansoft Developments
WebFX3D quickly creates effective 3D titles from text or drawfiles.

David Pilling's Software
Twain scanner drivers, SparkFS - archive filing system

Eidos Technologies
Software codec

Electronic Font Foundry Ltd.
Excellent collection of high quality fonts for RiscOS, EFF TrueType Translator - TrueType to RiscOS font file format

Icon Technology
The produce a range of word processors for Risc OS.

Iota Software Ltd.
Datapower 2 - database, Screensavers

Interconnex Ltd.
PsiRisc, WebMaster, Peanut

Longman Logotron
Eureka - spreadsheet

Pinapple Software
Killer - virus killer

DOOM II - game, WebsterXL - web browser, HTMLEdit 3.5 - web publishing tools

RiscOS Developer

Sherston Software Ltd.
Educational software

Sibelius Software
Sibelius - the best score-writing program on planet earth

PhotoDesk - artwork production

Stuart Tyrell Developments
Connect "Super Nintendo" style joypads, PS/2 mouse etc. to your Acorn Computer

The Event Horizon
MacHFS, ChangeTxt etc.

Warm Silence Software
MovieFS - alien film format player, Win95FS - a replacement for DOSFS
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Acorn Arcade
The Acorn games paradise

Acorn User
The best-selling Acorn magazine in the world

Acorn Publisher
The magazine for all interested in publishing using Acorn computer systems

Archive Magazine
The subscription magazine for Acorn users

Acorn computers newsletter in German - German Archimedes Group
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Order Online
Acorn SpaceCenter
Datawave Nederland - Acorn Dealer in Netherland

AJS Computers
Acorn Center of Technology - PC Card, hard disk, computer exchanges etc.

CJE Micro's
Acorn Center of Technology - 133 MHz 586 Cards

Lindis International
International Acorn Dealer

Liquid Silicon
Acorn Dealer

Tower Electronics Ltd.
Acorn Dealer
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Mixed Nuts
Acorn Enthusiasts Group
The group for Acorn users on the Internet.

The Acorn Cybervillage
From these pages you can find information on virtually anything in the Acorn computer industry, from third party developers to Acorn enthusiasts.
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